2015 , Faculty of Economics and Administration
Stano Pekár (head, scientific programme)
Vladimír Hula (excursions)
Jana Niedobová (social programme)


2012 , Ljubljana, Slovenia
Dr. Matjaž Kuntner, PhD

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2009 , Alexandroupolis, Greece
Prof. Dr. Maria Chatzaki, PhD
Dr. Iasmi Stathi
Katerina Spiridopoulou
2008 , Bern, Switzerland
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Nentwig
Dr. Martin Schmidt
Dr. Christian Kropf

An artists impression of spider eyes.

2006 , Sitges, Spain
Dr. Carles Ribera Almerje

A spider web that wraps the world.

2005 , Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria
Assoc. Prof. Christo Deltshev

Uroctea durandi (Walckenaer in Latreille, 1809).

2003 , Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Prof. Vladilen E. Kipyatkov

Bronze horseman - the founder of Saint-Petersburg, Peter the Great.

2002 , Szombathely, Hungary
Prof. Ferenc Samu
Dr. Csaba Szinetár

Achaearanea riparia spreads its web between antic columns in the roman city Savaria - the predecessor of the today Szombathely.

2000 , Århus, Denmark
Dr. Søren Toft

Argiope lobata.

1999 , Stará Lesná, Slovakia
RNDr. Peter Gajdoš, CSc.
Mgr. Stanislav Pekár

The Kriváň Mt., a symbol of Slovakia. The edelweiss Leontopodium alpinum, a characteristic plant of High Tatras. Lycosa vultuosa is an amazing large spider occuring in South Slovakia.

1997 , Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Dr. Peter Merrett

Ozyptila atomaria (Panzer, 1801) (the logo of BAS) sitting on a Scottish thistle Onopordon acanthium, the national emblem of Scotland, with Scottish hills in the background.

1996 , Siedlce, Poland
Prof. Marek Żabka

Euophrys frontalis (Walckenaer, 1802) in a courtship position.

1994 , České Budějovice, Czech Republic
RNDr. Vlastimil Růžička, CSc.

Wubanoides uralensis (Pakhorukov, 1981), northern species recorded in Central Europe for the first time in the Czech Republic, grasps Europe on the territory of the Czech Republic during the Ice Age.

1993 , Catania, Italy
Prof. Teresa Cantarella

Young spider ballooning over the Etna volcano.

1991 , Neuchâtel, Switzerland
Pierre-Alain Fürst

Scytodes thoracica Latreille, 1804 "catching" the Swiss territory.

1990 , Paris, France
Marie-Luise Célérier
Jacqueline Heurtault
Christine Rollard

An orb-weaver with its web mimicking Eiffel tower.

1988 , Berlin, Germany
Dr. Joachim Haupt

Trap door Liphistius. The fishing lines extend from the mouth of the burrow (Berlin area) to West and East, and North and South, to Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, London, as well as to Lenigrad, Siedlce, Sofia, Beograd.

1987 , Rennes, France
Alain Cranard

An orb-weaver on its web covering the western part of France. Its abdomen shows the "Ermine", heraldic symbol of Brittany.

1985 , Bruxelles, Belgium
Dr. Léon Baert

Dolomedes fimbriatus (Clerk, 1757) carrying cocoon with inside a small Iguanodon bernissartensis, emblem of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences.

1984 , Moulis, France
Dr. Christian Juberthie
L. Juberthie-Jupeau


1982 , Nancy, France
Bertrand Krafft

A male of a lycosids spider in a courtship position.

1981 , Modena - Pisa, Italy
Dr. Paolo Tongiorgi

An orb web fixed up between church and the tower in Pisa.

1979 , Barcelona, Spain
Dra. Dña. María Rambla de San Miguel

Cocoon of mimetid spider.

1978 , Avignon, France
Jean-Claude Ledoux

Neriene radiata (Walckenaer, 1841).

1976 , Les Eyzes, France
Roger Darchen

Microphotograph of spider integument.

1973 , Montpellier, France
Roland Legendre

Uroctea durandi (Walckenaer in Latrille, 1809).

1972 , Strasbourg, France
Bertrand Kraft