2010 , Siedlce, Poland
Prof. dr hab. Marek M. Żabka

Argiope bruennichi & the Globe

2007 , São Pedro, Brazil
Dr. Ricardo Pinto da Rocha

A blue orb with the Southern Cross (motifs in the Brazilian flag) and the pedipalps of Heterophrynus, a big amblypygid mainly distributed in Brazil.

2001 , Badplaas, South Africa
Dr. Ansie Dippenaar-Schoeman

Scorpions with typical African designs.

1998 , Chicago, USA
Dr. Petra Sierwald

A whip spider.

1995 , Geneva, Switzerland
Prof. Dr. Volker Mahnert

Lamprochernes nodosus (Schrank, 1803).

1992 , Brisbane, Australia
Dr. Robert J. Raven

Common spider Eriophora in its web. Australia is a disruption in the web, the spider hangs from the web at the location of Brisbane.

1989 , Turku, Finland
Dr. Seppo Koponen

Ozyptila gertchi (Kurata, 1944) hugging the world. This American species was recorded from Europe for the first time in Finland.

1986 , Jaca, Spain
Dra. Dña. María Rambla de San Miguel

Emblem of Jaca with prosoma of the solpugid Gluvia dorsalis (Latreille, 1817).

1983 , Panama, Panama
Dr. Michael H. Robinson

Argiope savignyi Levi, 1968 in its normal cruciform resting position over Central America with the Panama Canal.

1980 , Vienna, Austria
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Friedrich Schaller

Araneus with emblem of Vienna.

1977 , Exeter, England
Dr. A. Frank Millidge
1974 , Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Prof. Dr. L. Vlijm

Emblem of Amsterdam with a scorpion and a spider.

1971 , Brno, Czechoslovakia
MUDr. Vladimír Šilhavý

A salticid.

1968 , Paris, France
Prof. Dr. Max Vachon

A salticid.

1965 , Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Dr. Otto Krauss

A male of a lycosids spider in a courtship position.

1961 , Saarbricken, Germany
Dr. Otto Krauss
1960 , Bonn, Německo
Dr. Hermann Wiehle